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Our Services

What We Offer

Adult Students

i-School Tutoring

Face to Face   &   Online

Mongkok Center/Any Location in HK

We tailor our Face to Face and Online Tutoring to fit each student's unique needs and circumstances. Parents can choose
1 on 1 or 1 on 2
tutoring services if their kid wants to bring a friend along. With our professional tutors and your dedication to succeed, we guarantee satisfying academic achievements.



Academic + Non-Academic Workshop

- How my IB went from 28/45 -> 41/45
- How I got into Google
- How I built my own keyboard brand

From time to time, our team will invite individuals who achieved greatness or did the impossible to conduct workshops. With the goal of inspiring and changing one's future.

Online Tutorial

More Than School activities

Exposure creates opportunities
(You name it, we provide it)

- What is it like to be a popular singer?
- What is it like to fly an Aeroplane?
- What about financial literacy?
- How can I start my YouTube Channel?

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