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We walked their path

Alumni G is composed of mentors who have gone through the same curriculums as your kid, experienced the same hardships, and have discovered the best path to success.

By catering alumni of different high-school as a mentor/tutor, what we can provide is more than tackling exams and improving grades. No one knows better than someone who has walked the path. Therefore, it gives us a significant advantage in understanding what the school and exam boards are looking for such that we can assists students to be adequately prepared for any upcoming challenges.

About Us: About Us
Teacher Helping Student

Here are some of our tutors

About Us: Testimonials
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I like teaching D and E students because bringing their grades up gives me the most satisfaction. I look smart but I actually failed Year 7. 

Coming from such a nightmare to a multi-scholarship recipient,
I understand what makes or breaks 
the kid.




D -> A

E -> B

Probation -> Most improved 

Not the best tutor, but if you pour in your heart & soul, they will improve regardless.


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For children, Learning can be more of a chore than anything else. Constant criticism and disapproval take their toll on your child’s psyche until they become overwhelmed or frustrated with school work all together.

Learning should be fun for everyone!


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