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IGCSE & IB Tutoring in

Hong Kong

Good Guidance Generates Greatness
Alumni G offers tailored “Alumni” tutoring services. We used to be in your kid’s position, from primary, secondary, IGCSE or IB, our tutors walked the path so we know the needs and struggles of our students.

Teacher and Student


Academic Tutoring

Every school has their own unique and tweak to the syllabus leading up to public exams. Only alumni will have sufficient knowledge and capability to guide and fill in a student’s missing puzzle. 
(Coverage: PYP, MYP, IGCSE, IB, A Levels, SAT etc)

Math Notebook and Calculator



Be the 1%

Seasonal:  We want our students to gain an unfair advantage, by pre-exposing and having the opportunity to learn unique skill sets outside of academic learning. This includes “The Art of Note-taking”, “AI 101”, “To fly a plane” and more.

Female Teacher and Student


Real Life Mentorship

Students may aspire to become a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur or some may find themselves lost with directions. The mentorship program vows to provide students with tailored guidance and the latest information relating to each industry. 

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